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When I tried this cocoa mass for the first time, I was blown away. For me it is one of the most tender and creamy, as well as least acidic, bitterest and least "rough" and "furry" feeling on the tongue cocoa that I have been able to taste so far in my life.

I expressed my doubts several times in disbelief and asked whether it was really just cocoa and whether it even contained both sugar and milk. I was repeatedly assured by many people that this was really the case and that nothing had been added. Because I am currently on site and visiting the individual farmers and processing facilities, I now know that this is the case.

The Porcelana cocoa used by mayamunay is unique in the world and is only successfully cultivated in Venezuela - where it originally comes from. No other country seems to have the optimal environmental conditions for this. No other cocoa in the world is categorized as Porcelana.

The aromas and notes of nuts and panela or malt are predominant. Other flavors appear less in it.

What is unique and stands out is that while the remaining aromas remain below average, there are comparatively hardly any signs of astringency, bitterness and acidity. Porcelana cocoa can only be found in Venezuela.

The cocoa mass of mayamunay is processed from the beans south of Lake “Lago de Maracaibo” and is known as “Sur del Lago”. Like all products, the cocoa mass is 100% natural, organic and organic.

The cocoa that comes from this region is mainly of Criollo nature and of the Porcelana (see above) and Guasare type, which have a very good aroma, also highly appreciated by the great chocolatiers of the world.

In our case, the Porcelana type Criollo cocoa beans fermented by small farmers are brought to a small “Centro de beneficio” in Merida, where the cocoa is gently and lovingly processed into our beloved cocoa mass.