About Us

What awaits you with Maya Munay?

Dear cocoa lover.

How nice that you found your way to Maya Munay.

We only want to offer you fair, 100% natural and organic, sustainable, ceremonially produced and processed, unique, high quality cocoa.

It is important to us to show you the beneficial, health-promoting and holistically healing effects of cocoa. Maya Munay would like to contribute to the recognition of cocoa as a soul food and luxury food as well as a highly potent superfood.

What does Maya Munay stand for?

The aim is to protect unique and rare cocoa. Your Maya Munay cocoa should be produced to the highest ceremonial quality.

Maya Munay stands for direct and fair cooperation with cocoa farmers and families, as well as local social and ecological commitment.

Particular attention is paid to benevolent action among all participants along the entire value chain. Maya Munay pays the highest local prices to the farmers and also gives 7-10% of the proceeds from the sale of the cocoa back to sustainable community projects.

David - the initiator of Maya Munay

“If you take care of me, I’ll take care of you!”

This is how the cocoa spirit speaks in 2021 through David. He then sits down and writes the vision for Maya Munay.

David has been in the service of the cocoa spirit for around 9 years. In cacao ceremonies he was able to meet ixCacao, learn from medicine men and women and offer cacao to Mama himself. For years he has been bringing cocoa from Guatemala, Mexico or Peru to Germany to share with friends.

At the beginning of 2020 he finally met Oliva in the Pyrenees, who was carrying a very special cocoa with him. The cocoa we all know has a particularly creamy and chocolaty taste.
Oliva says this cocoa is one of the best types of cocoa in the world and comes from Venezuela.

Fascinated by the delicious drink of the gods, David shares this cocoa with his friends. The reactions are exuberant and the cocoa is loved.
1.5 years ago, David sits on his couch and hears ixCacao speak: “If you take care of me, I will take care of you.” Since then, David has followed the path that Mama Coco led him on. Maya Munay emerges and the vision and team grow larger.