Social projects

Project Macuro

Location: Macuro, Gulf of Paria, Sucre State, Venezuela

Population: 2000

Sources of income: fishing and cocoa cultivation and minimal and reduced trade in everyday food

Cocoa farmers: approx. 40 families

Size of the plantations: 300m2 - 10ha

Productivity cocoa in kg/ha: 4000

Project content for Macuro by Maya Munay:

  • direct, fair and sustainable cultivation of cocoa
  • Improving the quality of life of cocoa farmers and the village community
  • financial, technical support, as well as transfer of know-how
  • Increasing the quality of cocoa beans and productivity of the trees
  • Paying the highest market prices to farmers
  • 7-10% of proceeds flow back into sustainable community projects
  • 1111 Plant trees in the first step (cocoa, banana, apamate trees, as well as yucca, occumo, beans and possibly other fruit trees)